Dixie Widrick

Dixie Widrick

Dixie is a dynamic praise leader with a heart to bring others into their calling. She continues to pastor praise leaders she has identified and to continue to identify new praisers encourging them to exercise their giftings within our fellowship.


Dixie was introduced to Jesus at 10 years old and began as a musician and praiser shortly after that. When Dixie was in college she bought her first acoustic guitar she stayed awake all night playing her guitar and praising until the morning came with newly blistered fingers. Dixie has been in charge of praise teams and worked with various praise ministries over the years currently pastoring our praise teams.


Pastor Dixie’s desire is to create a platform for the Holy Spirit to flow from. Maintaining an atmosphere of praise and experiencing God’s Touch enables this powerful flow.

Song Set Leader, Praise Team, Youth Ministry & Advisory Board
Karisa Widrick
Senior Pastor
Loren Widrick